Week 4 of Home Detox Challenge – What are you sleeping with? Tips on How to keep your Bedroom clean for healthy rest.


October 11, 2014 by resparkleyourworld

We are finally at the last week of our challenge and for this final week, we are focusing on the bedroom!

We understand that when it comes to cleaning, our bedroom is normally the last room on our list, but have you noticed how much time you actually spend in there as compared to the other rooms around the house?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, we will spend 227,468 hours tucked up in bed and sound asleep.

Sleeping family with the little son

Our bedroom should be our safe haven, as it is where our bodies and minds rest and rejuvenate, and where we find respite from the outside world’s toxins and stressors.

Unfortunately, there has been increased research revealing that the bedroom may be one of the most toxic places in the home. Bedroom pollutants have multiple origins, including chemicals, pest infestation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).


Here are some tips and pointers to be aware of when detoxing your bedroom.
  1. Remove electronics

Many of us snuggle in bed with our tablets and phones before bed as a way of relaxing, but did you know that this actually interferes with our sleep patterns?


Two Swedish studies found that prolonged exposure to EMFs released from all electronics, especially ones that send and receive signals (cell phones, wireless routers) are shown to adversely affects sleep and severely disrupts sleep patterns.
Researchers also noted that using a handset before bed makes people take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them.

Sleep is so important for the body to heal and repair, and these EMFs have been found to disrupt sleep and significantly reduce melatonin, which are produced by the brain during periods of darkness.

Melatonin’s are not only important in promoting the body’s ability to detox and repair damages suffered during the day, but is also suspected in playing a role as a suppressor of breast cancer and other hormone sensitive cell growth.


  1. Clean your floors and take off those shoes!

Have you noticed how dirty your bedroom flooring is? Yes, and this does include the surface area under the bed!

Did you know? Carpets are able hold 8 times their weight in toxin-filled trapped dirt that is well hidden in the fibbers and underneath the carpet.

If you’ve ever had new carpet installed and experienced headaches, you may be surprised to learn that underlay and glue used in carpeting, as well as carpets themselves, emit formaldehyde, a known carcinogen (cancerous!).

Carpets are also a haven for dust, mites and asthma-aggravating microfibers. Research shows that dust can contain phthalates, flame-retardants, disinfectants, pesticides, and other potentially toxic ingredients.


These dust mites allergens can often fool us by causing perennial allergic rhinitis, which in turn create the swelling and mucus production we often associate with hay fever or colds. Babies and children exposed to such allergens can become sensitized to them and develop asthma and allergies in later life.

One of the most effective things you can do to reduce the risk of allergy is to remove wall-to-wall carpets and replace them with smooth flooring or mats, which can be removed for cleaning.

Conventional cleaning, even with the newer types of high-powered vacuum cleaners, is not sufficient to remove dust mites and doesn’t have the same impact on asthma symptoms as complete removal of the carpet.


Resparkle Handy Tip:

Try out Resparkle’s Organic Floor Cleaner. Its made out of 100% natural ingredients and comes in a 5000ml full concentrate formula that is enough for 33 washes. All you need to do is pour the concentrate into its tiny bottle cap to measure and pour it into half a bucket of water, and now you can mop away!


If removing traditional carpeting is not an option, air the room thoroughly and add in a lot of detoxifying plants in it. Regularly wipe down furniture, and vacuum frequently. You may also want to consider an air filter for your bedroom.

You may be surprised to learn that one of the simplest and most effective ways of going toxic-free is taking off your shoes before or upon entering your home. By adopting this one easy habit, you will virtually leave thousands of potentially harmful (not to mention disgusting!) chemicals at the door.


  1. Sleep on organic sheets by Vinita (Bhumi Organic Cotton)

Along the supply chain of textile production and manufacturing, tens of thousands of acutely toxic chemicals are used, including heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvent, many of which are classified as hazardous by the World Health Organisation.

Tests on conventional cotton sheets have revealed traces of pesticides, formaldehyde and toxic dyes. These residues can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and many cause allergies, hormone disruption, skin rashes, birth defects, cancer and respiratory problems.


In the outside world our senses and bodies are already bombarded by pollution and irritants, so it is so important to create a sanctuary in your bedroom where you know you are not exposed to any toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on your health and well-being. You spend the most time in your bed with direct contact of your body on your pillowcase, your sheets, your doona cover. Avoiding exposure to these deadly chemicals is paramount.

British Designer from Grand Designs Kevin Mcleod promotes widely the use of organic cotton products and writes in his book Principles of Home: Making a Place to Live ..

“In a newly bought 100% cotton bed sheet or pillowcase, there is only 73% of cotton, the rest being chemicals added to the fabric during growing or treatment, including formaldehyde… according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 7 out of the top 15 chemicals used on cotton are possible, known, likely or probably human carcinogens. Others are hormone disruptors and toxic in many other ways..”

It is very challenging to know what is truly organic cotton – you will see many words being used Natural Cotton, Organic Cotton, Pure Cotton… but the key is to look for Certified Organic Cotton. Without certification, the cotton may start off as organic but there is no restriction on the dyes or bleaches used so by the time you have your sheets there will be high traces of toxic chemicals waiting to enter your skin as you sleep.

The highest textile standard is to look for companies that use GOTS Certified Cotton.

To put it simply, certified organic cotton is grown, produced and manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. It does not use genetically modified seeds, nor does it use any toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes. Overall, this results in organic cotton having a low environmental impact, soft and gentle on the skin with no nasties and more durable than standard cotton.



For this week’s giveaway, the challenge that we have proposed is going to be a fun one!


week 4 challenge


Prize hamper includes:

1 x 200ml Healed Sole Food – Foot Balm by Healed

1 x Healed Foot File by Healed

1 x 130x170cm Red Soft Knit Throw by Bhumi Organic Cotton

1 x 500ml Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate by Resparkle


2 ways to win this week’s awesome prize:

(1) Subscribe to our blog (link on resparkle.com.au) and repost our #detoxweek4 image with hashtag #4weekhomedetoxchallenge #resparkle


(2) Take a photo or video of yourself being involved in a pillow fight and get TEN bonus chances to win this week’s prize! Tag 3 friends to do it too! Additional Hashtag for this 10 x bonus entry is #resparklepillowfight @resparkle


There will be no limit to the amount of entries so don’t forget to spread the love

ENTRIES CLOSE ON THE 24TH OF OCTOBER 2014. Only open to Australian residents.

* All entries will have an automatic entry to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!


Please NOTE:

WINNERS FOR Week 1- Week 3 (pt 1 & pt 2) will be announced on the 18th of October

WINNERS FOR WEEK 4 & THE GRAND PRIZE will be announce on the 25th of October




Bhumi Organic Cotton - Vinita

Vinita has been fortunate to travel to many exciting destinations on the planet and experience the beauty of nature and cultures of the world.

With a background in Health and a Masters in International Public Health, Vinita saw first-hand the disastrous health and environmental impacts of traditional cotton growing with farmer suicides, pesticide poisoning, birth defects, harmful dyes and toxic water ways.

After years in the field meeting with amazing NGOs, grassroots organisations and a growing movement of organic farmers, it was time for positive change. Vinita combined her deep love for the Earth, humanity and sustainable design to create Bhumi Organic Cotton.


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  1. A. Mac says:

    Great series Vinita! Thanks for all the info.

    Freshana – Partnering With Nature for Cleaning The Way Mother Nature Intended.

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