Week 3 (part 1) of Home Detox Challenge – How to keep your Home Safe for your Children

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October 3, 2014 by resparkleyourworld

While chemicals are a threat to everyone’s health, our babies and children are especially vulnerable to them as they are more exposed to the toxins due to their tiny sizes (pound-by-pound) and because of their developing organs that are less able to detoxify as efficiently as compared to we big adults do!


Did you know that the human brain continues to develop until the age of 20?

So can you imagine, our little ones are actually running around lacking a fully developed blood-brain barrier, which is the “thing” that helps prevents the passage of chemicals between the bloodstream and the neural tissue?

With that being said, a study from Harvard School of Public Health states that toxin chemicals exposed among children may be triggering the recent increases in neurodevelopmental disabilities among children, such as autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia.

It is quite frightening to know that that much harm can be caused to our babies and future babies.


Before you run off and wrap up your children into a live-sized bubble, we have invited Hilary and Kristy from Friends Gather Round to provide you some simple steps and measures to keep your children safe at home.


Between our two families we have five children between the ages of 4 and 12, four boys and one girl. So it is pretty noisy in our corner of the neighbourhood!

A few simple things we both do to keep our children safe at home include:

  • Avoid using harmful chemicals in our kitchen.

We both use Resparkle’s Organic Multi Purpose spray on our bench tops, as we know that if the kids drop food on the bench and eat it, they are not ingesting any harmful cleaning chemicals as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 3.45.05 pm

  • Avoid using harmful chemicals in our laundry.

We both choose laundry products without harmful chemicals. Skin is a permeable layer and if clothes and bedding are washed in a solution of harmful chemicals then there is a good chance that some of this will remain on washing and be absorbed through our skin. We also like to choose these sorts of products to help the health of our waterways.


  • Buying organic fresh produce.

We buy organic whenever we can, to minimise our kids’ exposure to pesticide residues on food. Children are more susceptible to the effects of pesticides residues on food than adults, as their intake of food and drinks per kilo of body weight is greater, and they have less efficient metabolisms


In a recent study, it was found that the exposure of adults to organophosphates (tested via urine samples) was dramatically reduced after just one week of eating organic food. So every time you can afford to buy organic fresh produce you are doing your family’s health a big favour (Braun & Cohen, 2010)


  • Reducing dust mites.

Washing the kids’ bedclothes once a week and airing out bedding such as pillows and doonas regularly, preferably in sunshine, will help to kill dust mites. This certainly becomes easier as we head into summer.


  • Reducing electromagnetic radiation exposure.

We try to reduce the exposure of our kids to electromagnetic radiation as much as we can.For example, the wifi routers in our homes are positioned as far from the bedrooms as possible. You can even turn your wifi off at night.


Some of these tips also help create a healthier environment and support the local economy. For example buying organic supports sustainable food production and if you can buy from a farmer’s market then you are supporting your local economy as well. Avoiding harmful chemicals in the laundry also helps to protect our waterways. These things work towards creating a healthy future for the planet and our children.


Resparkle’s HELPFUL TIP

We understand cleaning can be a big chore especially when it takes away family time.

Therefore, we have provided you a FREE printable “Reward Chore Card” for your kids to encourage them take some of the load off! Maybe even give one to your husband!


Girl Chore Card

Boy Chore Card

*Click on images above to open it in a new window. Best to print using a colour printer on a thicker piece of paper.

To start of, instead of consistently nagging at them to just put their toys away, why don’t you encourage them to clean it once in a while?

Use our super safe Resparkle’s Nursery Toy and Everyday Cleaner to do the job. All they need to do is spray and wipe, and don’t forget to give them a punch or star sticker on their Reward Card!

And of course, we did not forgot about this week’s giveaway!



The challenge this week is an easy one!

All you need to do is take a selfie with your little one and post it on Facebook/IG.

Week 3 pt flyer

Prize Hamper includes:

1 x Summer Fun Pack (100ml Organic Moisturising Lotion, 100g Organic Baby Powder, 100ml Natural Sun Lotion SPF30 + UVA//UVB) by Little Innoscents

1 x Mother Corn’s Smart Toddler Set by Little Organics

1 x $30 online snack voucher by Little Organics

1 x 500ml Organic Nursery Toy & Everyday Cleaner by Resparkle


2 ways to win this week’s awesome prize:

(1) Subscribe to our blog and repost our week 3’s prize hamper image with hashtag #4weekhomedetoxchallenge @resparkle to Get ONE chance to win.


(2) Take a selfie with your kid and get TEN bonus chances to win this week’s prize! Tag 3 friends to do it too! Additional Hashtag for this 10 x bonus entries is #selfiewithkid

#Selfiewithkid Challenge example:


There will be no limit to the amount of entries so don’t forget to spread the love

ENTRIES CLOSE ON THE 17TH OF OCTOBER 2014. Only open to Australian residents.

* All entries will have an automatic entry to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!



Team FGR pic

Hilary and Kristy are two friends, mothers, neighbours and health coaches who have an appetite for healthy living and helping others.

Together they now run “Friends Gather Round”, creating wellness events to inspire people to make healthy changes in their lives.


The four pillars of Friends Gather Round are Learn, Inspire, Nourish and Connect.

The next event, “Discover Your Beauty: Nourish yourself inside and out”, is a half-day event with four sessions covering yoga, eating for beauty, a hands-on beauty workshop, and self-love. Take some time out for yourself and recharge by joining them on this restorative half-day for women on Sunday, 19 October.

To buy tickets to the event or join the FGR Community go to www.friendsgatherround.com. For more information about events or coaching please Hilary and Kristy at hello@friendsgatherround.com.



(1) Braun L, Cohen M, 2010, Herbs and Natural Supplements, Chatswood, Elsevier Australia.

(2) Oates L, Cohen M, Braun L, Schembri A, Taskova R, 2014, Reduction in urinary organophosphate pesticide metabolites in adults after a week-long organic diet, Environmental Research 132: 105-111.


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