Week 1 of Home Detox Challenge- Spring Clean your Fridge

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September 20, 2014 by resparkleyourworld

Our first week of our Home Detox challenge revolves around the most essential appliance in the kitchen… The FRIDGE!

Do you remember when was the last time you gave your fridge a thorough spring clean? I’ve to confess, I don’t!

For most of us, we clear out and organize our fridge every week to make way for our new batch of groceries but rarely do we clean the shelves of the fridge and worst still, have food rotting away in the far dark corners of our fridge.

Sitting amongst our fresh fruits, vegetables, gourmet sauces, our fridge could be hiding millions of harmful nasties. So is your fridge home to millions of bacteria, such as campylobacter, salmonella and E coli?

Did you know that many of them responsible for our allergies and food poisoning!



Studies have shown that 1 food poisoning bug can multiply to 1 million in less than 7 hours.


FREAKY huh?!

As they say, “Face your fears” but let’s do it together. Resparkle will show you how you can get your fridge sparkling clean with our top 5 tips.

Once it’s nice and clean, it’s time to fill it up with healthy wholefoods! For that we’ve invited Diana of Body be Well to give us some smart shopping tips on how to maintain healthy nutrition throughout the week.





  1. Schedule your cleaning

Do a quick wipe down of the shelves every week when you restock your groceries.

The best time to clean your fridge for the day would be before going grocery shopping so that you would not need to leave your chilled goods out for too long!

HINT: Use Resparkle’s Multipurpose Spray along with a damp towel. It works wonders!


  1. Always wipe out spills immediately!

No matter how minor the accident, the longer you wait, not only will it turn into a major breeding ground for bacteria but also will it become a more major cleaning job.


  1. Be aware of your cleaning products

Do not use solvent cleaning agents, abrasives, and all cleansers that may impart a chemical taste to food or ice cubes, or cause damage to the interior finish of the refrigerator.


  1. Don’t forget about the fridge handle!

You might not have noticed but the handle would probably be one of the dirtiest and germ infested part of the fridge!

Gross fact: Tests have shown that there may be more germs on the fridge handle than your toilet seat!


  1. Do deep clean your fridge every 6 months.

Take the time to remove all its content, switch off the electricity and remove all the shelves and compartment to give your fridge a thorough wipe down! Don’t forget to also clean under and behind the fridge.


Now that your fridge is thoroughly detoxed, let’s hear Diana’s thoughts!

At Body Be Well, we aim to guide our clients towards clean eating and eliminating as much processed food as possible.

This can seem daunting to begin with, so here are a few steps to take moving forward to a cleaner body.


  1. Take out any processed food from your fridge

Think frozen meal, highly processed cheese slices, soft drink, cakes, and etc.



  1. Fresh is best.

Stock your fridge with veggies and fruit you like and seasonal. You’ll be more inclined to eat it if you like it.


  1. If you can search out your local farmers market.

We love supporting farmers and most will happily talk about there produce to you. Also they will inform you of seasonal produce.


  1. prep.prep.prep

Chose a day you can spend a good 30 minutes, chopping, cleaning and sorting. I like to chop up carrots and celery ready for a quick snack, whether it be dips, salad or just the veggie in a container to grab on the run.


  1. Start cooking

A container of quinoa in the fridge will last 2 days or freeze portions in the freezer for later use. Then you can create a breakfast with you choice of milk chopped banana and shredded coconut .bang .museli done. Quinoa tossed with your veggie prep and a sqeeze of lemon juice or a tablespoon of tahini.done.

Learn other quick and nutritionally dense meals at a Body Be Well workshops.


To get you motivated on this first challenge, we’ve put together a super awesome bunch of prizes for this week.



Our challenge for this week is Dare to Bare your fridge. Post a photo of your fridge on Facebook/IG, either before OR after you’ve cleaned it, it’s entirely up to you. It’s a dare!


Prize hamper includes:

1 x Mr Earl Tea September Box, containing 3 varieties of loose leaf tea

1 x 500g Raw Organic Cacao powder by Body Be Well

1 x 75 g sachet artisan-quality gluten free and organic chocolate drinking powder by The Hot Choccy

1 x 500ml Organic Kitchen & Multi Surface Spray by Resparkle


2 ways to win this week’s awesome prize:

(1) Subscribe to our blog (link on resparkle.com.au) and repost our #detoxweek1 image with hashtag #4weekhomedetox #resparkle


(2) Take up this dare and get TEN bonus chances to win this week’s prize! Tag 3 friends to take up the dare with you. Additional Hashtag for this 10 x bonus entry is #daretobareyourfridge


There will be no limit to the amount of entries so don’t forget to spread the love.

ENTRIES CLOSE ON THE 17TH OF OCTOBER 2014. Only open to Australian residents.

* All entries will have an automatic entry to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!



Diana Body be wellDiana Tencic has been active in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She has been a health club owner,spin instructor,personal trainer and now a food and wellness coach.

Through Body Be WellDiana has established a fast growing fitness business specialising in Food coaching.

Refined sugar free and clean eating are her passions as well as functional fitness.

For further information regarding group training, or a food consultation, please email Diana at hello@bodybewell.com.au or visit the website at www.bodybewell.com.au



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