Top Tips for a Spring Cleanse

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September 18, 2013 by resparkleyourworld

Tips for a Spring Cleanse





Sharon Chung, founder of Notox Box


When September hits, I get really excited. I can feel Spring in the air, I can feel the weather warm up, and I love to give my body a reboot just to shake off Winter.

Here are my tips for a Spring cleanse.

  1. Eat real food
Real Food

Real Food

This is not a tip just for Spring… and even though I’m pretty good with what I eat, I do eat heavier over Winter with heartier, richer foods. As the weather warms, my body naturally prefers simpler, lighter meals that are easy to digest. I go for nice balanced meals with a rainbow of vegetables, lots of greens, wholefoods, and natural ingredients. Now is the time to ditch the fried foods, sugary foods, processed and packaged foods.


2. Dry body brush, exfoliate & massage

Dry body brushing, exfoliating and massage helps to make my skin softer by buffing away that Winter dryness, and also promoting circulation. This opens the pores to release toxins, stimulates blood flow, and eases any aches & stiffness.

3. Start moving again

Get Moving to keep happy & fit

Get Moving to keep happy & fit

I slacked off with my exercise over Winter. But with the sun back out, I love returning outdoors to get some exercise in.  Exercise helps to get the blood flowing, heart pumping and lungs breathing which helps with our circulation, digestion and cleansing.  Choose something that works for you, and try to consistently fit it in.

4. Drink lots of water

When you’re moving and sweating, it’s always good to drink lots of water. Water really helps our kidneys and body to flush out toxins, fats and waste.

 5. Get help

Getting started can be the most difficult part. So ask for help. It’s more fun and you’re more likely to stick with it. It may be committing to exercise with a friend or trainer, sharing new Spring recipes with family & friends, seeing a naturopath to look over your diet & lifestyle. Whatever works for you to keep you on track.


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