How do plants improve your health and increase the flow of positive energy?


June 24, 2013 by resparkleyourworld

Plants for the HomeRegardless of whether I am in a client’s home to consult on how to improve their health through Healthy Sustainable Interiors or ways to increase the flow of positive energy with Feng Shui or both, I always end up recommending the addition of indoor plants.

We spend over 90% of our time inside, with research showing that the quality of our indoor air is much worse than our outdoor air.  In fact, experts now believe that poor indoor air is responsible for the dramatic increase in the number of cases of allergies, asthma, chemical hypersensitivity and even cancer.

The easiest ways to create healthy indoor air and improve positive energy within your home is to grow your own!

And NASA agrees, in studies they conducted in the early 1980’s on how to create a liveable off world environment, they found that the simplest way to purify and revitalise air was the common household plant.

Did you know that one plant placed on your desk at work can effectively purify and revitalise the air you breathe, reducing your exposure to indoor air pollutants and microbe?

How do plants improve indoor air quality and increase the flow of positive energy?

  1. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen  or in Feng Shui terms, they absorb negative chi and release positive energy
  2. They absorb toxic chemical through the tiny openings in their leaves and filter them through their root system.  Amazingly, the common  Boston fern can remove up to 1.8mg of formaldehyde per hour (a carcinogen found in particle board and furnishings)
  3. They reduce airborne mould and bacteria.  One study found that plant-filled rooms contain 50 to 60 precent fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms without plants
  4. They have long been associated with improving the general mental and physical wellbeing of a room and is why I recommend them first above all other possible cures. 


So, when do I use plants as Feng Shui Cures?

In the world of Feng Shui, plants represent the element Wood.  They bring life to a room and purify its energy.  They also positive influence your own Chi making it easier for you to gain, or maintain good health.

  1. Place a plant in or just outside the bathroom/ toilet and they will absorb negative energy and release renewed, uplifting Chi.   This is extremely important if your bathroom or toilets are located in the fire or earth sectors of your home.
  2. Obscure protruding corners with bushy plants to slow quickly moving Chi or poison arrows resulting from the sharp edge.
  3. Chi may be encouraged to speed up by several doors in a straight line down a corridor or when doors or window are opposite each other.  To slow Chi stagger plants along the corridor or place bushy plants close to the window or door.
  4. Stairs that lead down to a front door encourage chi to flow quickly and risk some flowing out the door depleting the home of energy.  To slow if down place a plant between the foot of your stairs and the front door.
  5. Heavy beams create downward flow of chi that can be oppressive.  Growing plants with strong upward chi under the beam will compensate for this.
  6. Slow stagnate Chi commonly accumulates in the corner of a room.  Yang fiery plants with strong pointed leaves can help to speed up the movement of chi.
  7. Always include plants in your office, home office, or study, they will help maintain positive energy and negate negative energy created by man-made electromagnetic energy.


Where should I not use a plant?

There are only a few instances when I would not recommend using plants within a home.  These include:

  • Artificial plants or flowers – It is inauspicious for a home to contain artificial plants or flowers as they can gather stagnant Chi around them and generate dead energy
  • More than three plants – It is recommended that no more than three plants are place in an ordinary sized room, otherwise it may create angry energy.
  • The energy is already out of balance with the purpose of the room – Do not place plants in a bedroom with ambient fire, wood or wind energy.


The top 5 recommended plants are:

Peace Lily : Easy to maintain plant for improving energy within a space

Peace Lily : Easy to maintain plant for improving energy within a space

You will notice that the money plant and jade are not on this list.  Although traditionally used as cures for Feng Shui, the air purifying qualities of the below plants far out weigh the symbolic meaning of the traditional plants.  In my opinion, any plant that is healthy positive shape is a good Feng Shui plant

  • Palms, especially  – Areca Palm, Lady Palm , Bamboo Palm, Dwarf Date Palm
  • Rubber Plant
  • Dracaena
  • Boston Fern
  • Peace Lily
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue

If you are interested in finding out where best to place your plants in your home simply send me a copy of your house plan for your complimentary “Grow your own Health and Prosperity” assessment.

narelleNarelle Haw


p. 0408 113 986

Narelle Haw is a Certified Building Biologist, Feng Shui Practioner and founder of At Harmony Consulting and IKOLEJI – The Healthy Home Shop.  Narelle’s Home Therapy Techniques help build exceptional lives – from the outside in. 


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