Keep Calm It’s Only Housework – Cheats guide to being a domestic goddess

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June 16, 2013 by resparkleyourworld

Keep Calm It's Only Housework - Top speedy cleaning tips

Keep Calm It’s Only Housework – Top speedy cleaning tips

We’ve a confession to make. I know we’re in the business of cleaning products, you might think the Resparkle girls are clean freaks or something. That can’t be further from the truth…….yes, we obviously love a clean home but we’re honestly not hot about the process of getting there. Housework takes away so much precious time from things we’d rather do, like living a life!

Like most of you, life for us is super busy, running a business, being a mummy/wife, having fun and to top it all off, the pressure is ON for us to pull it altogether with a “sparkling clean home”.

So how do we do it? When faced with greasy kitchens, mountain loads of laundry & ironing, dusty shelves, we tell ourselves KEEP CALM. Then we proceed to pour ourselves a glass of wine, flop in front of the telly and tell ourselves our homes are not messy, they just look “lived in”.


Ok here’s our top 5 tricks:

(1) Hallway mess

They say first impressions are the most important so start cleaning up the front of your home first.

Get a laundry basket or any decorative with a lid, place it artfully in a corner by the door. Load up your basket with any shoes, gloves, stray toys or hats that litter the hallway. Stash hall-table clutter that could get lost (mail, keys) in the plastic bag; put the bag into the basket.

Shut the lid and viola! You wow your guests with a no-mess first impression.

(2) Cut the Clutter in Living Room

storage_ottoman_HAre old magazines, newspapers, catalogues cluttering up your living room? We have one word for you : Storage Ottoman.

This is not only extra seating space but you can hide away all your living room clutter in it!


(3) Kids Room

Stow pajamas under the pilow. This way, they’re off the floor and ready for later. If your kids have a play tent, hide toys and clothes inside it.

(4) 1 stone 3 birds

The next time you vacuum your home, try this nifty trick that’ll remove musty odours in both your vacuum cleaner and your home. Add in a 5 drops of your favourite essential oils into the vacuum bag and start vacuuming as normal, the gorgeous scent will be dispersed throughout the machine & your home.

(5) Choose quality cleaning products

Ok, you probably think we’re biased but we really think Resparkle takes the hard work out of cleaning. Firstly we and many of our customers love how we’re not choking on artificial fragrance or toxic fumes when we cleaning.

Secondly, we love how Resparkle cleans with one wipe down.

Here’s a photo showing how we pit Resparkle against another green cleaning product on our dirty stove. We notice that after just 1 wipe down with a dry cloth, Resparkle not only removes the grease, it also doesn’t leave streaks.

Stove Test: Resparkle vs Another Cleaning Product

Stove Test: Resparkle vs Another Cleaning Product





























So there you have it. 2 real gals’ guide to housework! Do you have any tips or tricks to share? We’d love to hear it!


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